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Our corporate work 

NKM Corporate services

Documentaries / Short films / Animation / Investigative Journalism

Where does video & animation fit into your marketing & communication strategies?


  • Maintain an active social media presence

  • Rebrand previous content with the latest production and post-production technologies

  • Provide supplementary content for campaign strategies

  • Highlight and increase awareness of specific elements of brand, products or services

  • Create internal communication solutions

  • Produce e-learning content for customers

What Else Can NKM Inc. Do For You?


  • Provide full service for pre-production, production and post-production services

  • Provide integrated content & messaging strategies for marketing campaigns

  • Consult and provide for for in-house educational and communications solutions

Animation & Motion Graphics

Video & Animation Development:

NKM Inc. has partnered with Pixel Epic animation house to provide all levels of animation services for businesses and filmmakers who are looking to add a new dimension to their assets.


From motion-graphics, to both 2D and 3D animations, these assets provide great ROI opportunities and create long-lasting impressions.


Include our Video & Animation Services in your marketing campaigns to expand brand awareness and increase customer engagement.

Our partners

Our work is supported by community partnerships that allow us to offer "above-market" quality at competitive pricing. Our partners provide services that traditional media production companies aren't able to provide. Check out the work our partner companies are up to!

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